Dr Stefano Dente

Dental Surgeon and ex Dental Technician

Stef started his dental career as a Dental Technician before studying further as a Dental Surgeon. He qualified as a Dental Surgeon from Wits in 2005.

He continually updates his dental knowledge by completing accredited courses on an annual basis, keeping up with current developments on international accredited courses. 

 Stef has a keen eye for aesthetic dentistry, particularly Crowns and Veneers.  He is precise, thorough and a perfectionist, this accredits to starting his career as a Dental Technician.

He has a gentle, quiet nature and is politely mannered which has been noted among his staff and  patients.

He is known for “Giving the best injections in Johannesburg” by his patients.

Stef is married to Erin, they have two beautiful daughters Ella-Rose and Noa-Lily. Ella-Rose is seen from time to time visiting the practice and greeting patients.

Theo Jooste

Theo Jooste Dental Laboratory

Theo Jooste and Dr Dente met each other in 1992 whilst studying Dental Technology at Wits Technicon.  Theo has become a longstanding friend and plays an integral part in the Team as most of our dental work is sent exclusively to his Laboratory.

His meticulous attention to detail and exceptional practical mindedness and great workmanship has led him to be the only Dental Technician that we will work with.

Theo is married to Janine who is a physiotherapist, they have three sons.

Liesl Marais

Dental Assistant

Liesl’s passion began as a Dental Assistant started 36 years ago. Her experience has been varied from working with different dental clinics. She is particularly well known for her enthusiastic, chatty and cheerful personality, which is particularly accommodating to our nervous and elderly patients. Her approach to her work is meticulous and clean, Liesl is a valued member to our team, she is Stef right hand.

In Liesl’s spare time she enjoys running, gym and walking her dogs. Liesl is married to Danial who is a Chief Fireman.

Leanne Simpson

Oral Hygienist

Leanne has been working as an Oral Hygienist since 2004. She was originally from Queenstown, Eastern Cape. She went to Stellenbosch University and studied Oral Hygiene. For Leanne the idea of being an Oral Hygienist resonated from a young age. In time her curiosity evolved into a passion after seeing her Oral Hygienist at work.  Leanne loves working with children, she is known to be very patient and makes patients feel comfortable and cared for.  She is pedantic about her patient’s oral health and motivates them to maintain their overall oral health. You will be told if you are not flossing correctly.

Leanne enjoys travelling to the bush with her family and friends, she is a passionate amateur cook.

She is married to David who has his own company, SecuServ and they have two beautiful daughters Zoe and Ava.

Erin Dente

Practice Manager and Marketing Consultant

Erin Dente is a recent addition to the team, she is married to Stef. Both Stef and Erin have two daughters, Ella-Rose and Noa-Lily.

Erin grew up on a farm just outside of Fourways, which spurred her to Study Agriculture with Business Management and Rural Evaluation and Marketing, holding two BSc degrees from the U.K. When she returned to South African she started working for a UK based company in finding solutions to recycled plastic waste. After Stef requested Erin to join his team, she was delighted to do so as she is just enthusiastic about dentistry and his patients.

Erin handles all the admin, accounts and marketing for Dente Dental. Erin started the sub business with Dente Aesthetics using Tixel, a Thermal Abblative Therapy treatment, PMU and Tattoo removal.

Her passion is riding horses and has competed to the highest level in one discipline, now retired due to an accident. She is an avid animal lover in general.

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