A little about Dente Dental

Dente Dental is a non-contracted Private Dental Practice which facilitates and cares for individuals and family dental needs.

Why choose Dente Dental?
Specialist experience

When you join Dente Dental as a patient, you have the reassurance of knowing that we are proud to be able to say that there is more than 30 years’ experience within the practice. It’s this extensive experience that gives us the confidence to offer a guarantee on our treatments, a guarantee that is all but unheard of within the dental field.

Dental practice Bryanston/Sandton Area

A caring ethos

Of course, our vast experience is just one of many reasons why patients choose Dente Dental. Our caring ethos underpins every aspect of the practice. When we treat you, we always ask ourselves how we would like a member of our own family to be treated and aim for that high standard of care.

We keep up to date with current dental information, while ensuring that you always receive the most appropriate advice and treatment for your individual case.

Our promise to our valued Patients

We promise to treat you as we would treat members of our own families by:

Being polite and courteous, open and honest

We will strive to be polite and listen to your opinions and feelings, being open and honest about the treatments we feel are best for you as an individual.

Providing a calm and caring environment

We want you to feel calm, safe and cared for during every appointment. We will always strive to provide an environment that supports this.

Investing in your care

We promise to always invest in acquiring new knowledge, skills and technology, so that we can stay at the forefront of modern dental practice for the good of our patients and to share our experience with other dental professionals.

Respecting your time

We respect that you are busy and we will endeavour to see you on time whenever possible.

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